City Hospital St.Louis - 1910The City Hospital complex of buildings were built in 1906. At its largest, it occupied four city blocks and had twelve structures. The first building to be revamped was the administration building of the complex. Named “The Georgian”. Next was the power plant building, which is where Element is located. The power plant used to provide power to all of the other various buildings. The power plant and the rest of City Hospital was shut down in 1985. 28 years later, the Power Plant has been renovated from the ground up, yet still maintaining the exterior architecture that gives it its character and maintains some history of St. Louis.

The Concept

The idea behind Element came from wanting to use as many of the great local farmers from the area and feature their ingredients in all of our dishes and drinks. Secondly, we wanted to approach the menu from the perspective of multiple chefs and how we can elevate a dish to a new level when we put 5 minds behind it. We wanted to have a place that could reflect many styles, many ideas and kind of wrangle all of those ideas into one cohesive menu. Plans for the future are to constantly change the menu, and constantly add different perspectives to each aspect of the restaurant as a whole.

Element Team

Our team of chefs at Element work closely with each other. Constantly bouncing ideas around and brainstorming on how to improve each dish. We all have dishes on the menu that are our own but at the same time, are a group effort. The menu reflects this, as it changes often. Individually, each Chef brings different skills to the table and the open mind necessary to be able to change their ideas based on feedback of the other Chefs around them. This is intended to, in the end, provide the highest quality food we can. Chefs are naturally very critical of themselves. We use this criticism as a tool to grow and improve every day.

We hope to continue to evolve with each new menu. In time, we will bring in guest chefs to the restaurant. We will have one night only, special menus, themed menus, guest pastry chefs, guest bartenders and we will continue to keep mixing it up and keep everything about Element fresh, new, and exciting.


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