Couple Clothing Theme Night

Our new pop up restaurants offer the same great menu with, amazing service and fantastic atmosphere with some awesome
theme nights thrown in. We are excited to present a couples theme night as one of our loves is going out with our partners wearing matching clothing.

Some people may freak out at the thought and laugh at the sight but we do love this type of clothing. We will be presenting
some beautiful food and we would like our guests to arrive in matching clothing. This, we hope will create a fun atmosphere and also one, we would like to think, that will create a little romance for our guests.

We will be serving up some wonderful items from our usual menu including venison, lamb shank, rainbow trout, shrimp and steak. All of these served with a choice of our delicious sides.

Want to join us for a glamorous night of exquisite food and even better company. Book as a surprise for your partner, I am sure they will enjoy a wonderful evening. Please remember to wear matching outfits. We will be trying out various theme nights centered around dressing up and this night for couples is our first. We do not mind what the matching clothing is and if you are looking for inspiration you can find matching shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, couple hoodies, even pajamas (examples of what we are looking for in link) although they may not be the best of choices for dining, we certainly won’t turn you away. The clothing can be adorned with any type of fun logo – mr and mrs etc, you get the idea.

If we find our guests are loving the idea and atmosphere we will be springing some more themed nights on you all – it may be a little cliched but we really want to do the pirate night and expect to see 20 – 30 Captain Jack Sparrows.

Although these theme’s are not to everyone’s liking, from our current interest shown we do expect to be fully booked very quickly. If you miss the couple clothing theme, we will be holding others in this category as well as other themes so there will be plenty of opportunity to join us and join the fun.

Please look out for our adverts around the area for when we are going to kick this thing off and where it will be located. We have some ideas in mind but still need to confirm the venue and when it is going to happen. We will be happy to welcome you back into the Elements restaurant with your partners in your show stopping couple outfits.